Voter Fraud in Lake County, Florida. One Woman Arrested

HALL, CHERYLElection administrators in Lake County alleged someone falsified many voter registration applications, fraudulently modifying some voters’ party affiliations.

The Supervisor of Elections has alleged, about 119 voters were affected. Early voting for the presidential primary begins Thursday in Lake County.

Elections Supervisor Alan Hays said the election fraud was first observed a week ago when potential voters started telephoning his office, saying their party affiliation had modified from Democrat to Republican.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office say an investigation had figured out that Cheryl Hall was filling out voter registration cards she received from the group, Florida First (where she was employed), that modified voter data.

When the data on the card could not be verified, the supervisor of elections office sent out letters to voters, some of whom filed the complaints about their data being modified.

Election officials emphasized it was not a computer hack, and they don’t think this is any attempt on a grand scale to create voter fraud. They think it was the work of one person.

Hays says that there is a system in place to solve the issue at the polling centers.

The sheriff’s office said Hall turned herself into the Lake County Jail on 10 felony counts of Submission of False Voter Registration Information.

See the unofficial police report here: