Two Peopled Charged in Granite Falls, Minnesota Stabbing

Labatte, Loren50 year old Gordon Labatte and 47 year old Loren Labatte were arrested and charged with 2 counts of assault and aiding/abetting. They are being held at the Yellow Medicine County Jail in Minnesota.

Bail of the two men accused has been set at $500,000 without conditions.

It is alleged that they stabbed the man with a knife and also used a hammer in the assault. The victim is was dating the ex wife of Loren Labatte.

The victim is being treated for injuries at the local hospital. The man was stabbed twice.

Loren Labatte and Gordon Labatte fled the scene and the victim called his girlfriend for help. She administered assistance until the arrival of an officer from the Upper Sioux Police Department. Officers from the Yellow Medicine County Sheriff’s Office and the Granite Falls Police Department also arrived at the scene.

The two men were later arrested at their homes by the Renville County Sheriff’s Office.

Labatte, Gordon

Offices also recovered a bloody shirt hat the victim wore during the attack. Officers seized knives from their car.

The victim then successfully identified the two men as the assaulters as he was interviewing with investigators.

See unofficial arrest record here:

See unofficial arrest record here: