Steven Scharboneau: Is Arizona Allowing DANGEROUS Felons to Become Attorneys?

The Dangerous Felony: Stephen Scharboneau

SCHARBONEAU, STEPHENAccording to public court records obtained by, Stephen Scharboneau was arrested April 9th, 2004. Mr. Stephen Scharboneau was with his friends, including his partner in crime, Mr. Chase Kuhl.

These two guys and another girl, Wendi Fowler, were driving erratically and stuck their middle finger to a driver of another vehicle that they did not know, Mr Justin Faires. They kept swerving preventing him from passing. Mr Faires stopped his truck and the boys stopped their car as well. Stephen Scharboneau jumped out of the vehicle with a gun that he did not own, nor was it licensed to him. Stephen Scharboneau, while brandishing an unlicensed weapon, exclaimed, “Let’s shoot this punk.” Scharboneau and Mr. Chase Kuhl then threatened to BEAT Mr Faires. Wendi Fowles, the girl with the pair of boys, then told Stephen Scharboneau to shoot Mr Faires.

During the commotion, Stephen Scharboneau partner, Chase Kuhl grabbed the gun away from Scharboneau. Chase Kuhl then cocked the gun and began approaching. Kuhl was yelling he was going to shoot Justin Faires. Kuhl and Stephen Scharboneau then started to move closer and surround the victim. Justin Faires, the victim ran as fast as he could back to his car truck and locked all the doors. Chase Kuhl approached the vehicle and tried to unlock the door. Mr. Justin Faires started the truck and sped off as fast he could. Chase Kuhl fired the gun at the truck as our victim tried to escape. Thank God, Kuhl was a horrible shot and did not hit the victim or any innocent bystanders.

Stephen Scharboneau says he only took the gun from the car so nobody else would use it recklessly. “He was in the wrong place at the wrong time”, is what he told Staci Rostan, the person who prepared the Pre-Sentencing investigation report. “Let’s shoot this punk.” That is what he told his victim.

In Florida, where there are 10-20-Life laws, Stephen would have been sentenced to a mandatory 10 years for pulling the gun. Chase Kuhl would have been sentenced to a mandatory 20 years for firing the gun. The prosecutor gave them the minimum sentence which was roughly a year and a half in prison and probation following.

In almost all cases, a young defendant with no record is recommended to community supervision. But because this act was so dangerous. Because someone might have ended up dead… Imprisonment was mandatory.

Early Years

According to public court records obtained by, Stephen Scharboneau came from a broken home. His parents divorced when he was just a toddler. Stephen Scharboneau father was a raging alcoholic and used to beat him. The apple didn’t fall from the tree as Stephen was also drinking to intoxication and using marijuana. At the time of his arrest, he could only read at a 6th grade level. His mother was never in his life. He did try to live with her during his teens but it never “worked out”.

Did Stephen or Steven Change is name?

Was Stephen Scharboneau so ashamed of his criminal history, he changed his name from Stephen George Scharboneau to Steven George Scharbonea? Did he do it to try and hide is past or is it just an error in the public records? This has not been confirmed as this is an ongoing breaking story. We cannot confirm if he is hiding his past from the Arizona State Bar, because the records for SB-20-0054-C have been sealed.

Should we allow violent felons to become licensed attorneys?

Steven Scharboneau is about to become an attorney. Did he lie? Did he change his name to bypass his dangerous felonious past? We will not know until those documents are unsealed. Hopefully the Arizona supreme court makes the correct decision and does not allow him to become a licensed attorney in the state of Arizona. Would you trust him with your life? His crimes were dangerous. It wasn’t simple drug possession. It wasn’t parking tickets. This man THREATENED TO KILL SOMEBODY. Arizona won’t allow him to have gun, will they allow to him law license?