Renee Ivchenko Arrest Videos

Unofficial Arrest Record:

Video Report: Renee Ivchenko Arrest

This first video available is when Renee Ivchenko tries to take her clothes off the police officer.

This next video is of a handcuffed Renee Ivchenko having a minor freak-out in the back of the police car. She screams like a banshee.

Has there ever been anyone arrested without them screaming “DO YOU KNOW WHO AM I?” Enjoy.

And Finally. Renee Ivchenko escapes from handcuffs and SCREAMS “MY HUSBAND ASSULTED ME.” Over and over and over. Not a good look for her husband, Andrew Ivchenko.

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A exclusive story. Watch the amazing footage above.

We’ll be adding videos and more documents and another article shortly. Please check back often.

Unofficial Arrest Record:

Robert Moniz, a FL Private Detective, Drops Lawsuit

Robert Moniz is a Brown University graduate.   After a successful IT career and decided  to become a private investigator (lic# C 1800062) in Florida.  He works for his Sarasota based company, Excalibur Detective Agency (lic# A 18001000).

In 2013 Mr. Robert Moniz was arrested and charged with Agg Assult With Firearm Domestic Violence (901.15).

Below is the police report that led to Mr. Robert Moniz arrest.

arrest details moniz-robert

 Robert Moniz 2013 Booking Photograph
Robert Moniz 2013 Booking Photograph

Robert Moniz had his bail paid for, applied for a public defender and the charges were later dropped.

In effort to shield the public from the right to know, Mr. Moniz has gone to great lengths to remove all references to his arrest.  Including filing a civil suit against  The suit was in violation of Florida SLAPP legislation..

Robert Moniz, a Private Investigator from the Sarasota based Excalibur Detective Agency, has dropped his civil suit.


Robert Moniz Document #1, Document #2, Document #3, Document #4

Excalibur Detective Agency Document #1, Document #2, Document #3


Unofficial Arrest Record: