Phoenix, AZ Police Seize $200k Cash in Crack House Raid

Arredondo, AlejandroPhoenix officers discovered weapons, drugs, and $200k in cold, hard cash during a crack house raid in Phoenix on February 6.

The drug den was located near the intersection of 67th Avenue and Buckeye Road. Inside the house officers confiscated $50k worth of cocaine, meth, heroin, and 3k fentanyl pills.

Officers on the scene also found around 20 guns, $200k in cash, scales to weigh the drugs for distribution.

There were numerous other adults and children living in the house. All of the adults in the household had prior felony convictions including Mr. Arredondo.

Officers arrested Alejandro Arredondo, aged 23, and charged him with numerous dug and weapons related felonies.

Alejandro Arredondo has long list of prior felonies that are listed below.

See the unofficial police report here:

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