Ecstasy Disguised As Superhero Vitamins Lands Young Woman in Jail

JOHNSON, MORGANPawnee Police Department detained a young woman they said had a club drug that looked identical to superhero vitamins.

Morgan Johnson was arrested for of possession of a controlled substance and child endangerment.

Police were called to a diner after a good samaritan called the police and stated a woman was acting weirdly. When police arrived, Johnson, who had her child in tow, had at least 25 dosages of the club drug MDMA. The pills were stamped with a popular superheroes.

Witnesses said they were watching the young woman and saw an infant in her arms. After overhearing her ask the server for food and diapers, they went up to the booth she was sitting at and offered to assist.

The young infant with Morgan Johnson was sent to the Department of Human Services for safety.

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