Crime Spree Has Stopped. 33 year-old man Arrested

HICKS, JOHNA Sarasota man has been accused of many burglaries and arson since the beginning in mid-July.

Officials noted that on July 14, a Kubota side by side motor vehicle and 3 water pumps worth over twenty thousand dollars, were stolen from a shipping container at a construction site in Sarasota. Officials say the Kubota was spotted at the home of John Charles Hicks.

It wasn’t until months later when Hicks was finally arrested for this crime. Officials were still investigating when Hicks went on a crime spree, damaging several businesses.

On August 5th, officials say Hicks threw a rock through the front door of a convience store in Sarasota. Officials say he only found an empty cash register. He quickly left the scene empty handed.

Seven days later, the Sheriff were called to an arson in progress fire at a store in Sarasota County. They found that the door had been kicked in and a couch had been set on fire. Fire spread quickly, and caused $50,000 in damages.

On August 15, another convience store was burglarized in Sarasota. Again, the front door was smashed in. Hours later, the front door of a liquor store was broken. Both the burglary and the arson had the same suspect as all the other crimes.

A few days later after identifying Hicks as the suspect in question, warrants were issued. He was originally stopped in Manatee County, where deputies say he was arrested after he fled his car.

His car, which matched the suspect’s car, and other evidence from his crimes were also recovered. Officials say Hicks confessed to his crimes.

Hicks is facing four counts of burglary, two counts of criminal mischief, two counts of arson, and grand theft and larceny.


See Sarasota County Arrest Record: